Four Things You Should Never Do with a Forklift

Four Things You Should Never Do with a Forklift

March 7, 2022  |  Forklift, Tips and Tools
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Forklifts are not a toy, anyone with more than one minute of safety training can tell you that.  


So why then does it seem that so many people who work with forklifts as a part of their everyday lives behave so casually around these 10-ton machines? 


The answer seems to be a simple one: when people spend their workdays relying on a machine, they begin to take its safety for granted. It can be easy to forget that improper safety habits can lead to serious accidents.  


The good news is that there are very clear safety terms that every worker must be familiar with when working with or near forklifts. Follow those guidelines and your chance of accident plummets.  


Forklift Safety Guide

In this post, we have assembled four of the most common mistakes people make when working around forklifts. 


Never do the Following Around a Forklift 


It can be easy to act casually around a forklift. They are such reliable machines that it can even begin to feel as if they are a part of your crew.  


Here are four things that you must NEVER do if you regularly work with forklifts. 




We know how it goes. You've got a full day of orders to fill, you're short-staffed, and you want to finish the day's work as quickly as possible. The temptation to speed is only natural.  


However, as tempting as it may be, speeding is one of the most dangerous things you can do when working with a forklift.  


When you speed with a forklift, especially if you have a cargo load, you are putting yourself and your coworkers in danger.  


Excessive speeds can lead to severe accidents and can even flip the forklift itself.  


Keep to the speed limit or below to prevent accidents.  


Skipping inspection.  


Forklifts should be thoroughly inspected every day before the operation. This includes two inspections: visual and operational.  


A supervisor or operator must inspect the forklift for signs of malfunction or excessive wear before the forklift can operate for the day.  


The inspector must ensure that all safety mechanisms are in place and working properly. This includes safety belts, brakes, cargo handling, cockpit controls, lights, and alarms.  


Operators may feel tempted to skip inspection to save time.  


NEVER skip the inspection. It only takes one malfunctioning part to cause a monumental accident.  


Losing Situational Awareness. 


When you are operating a forklift, you must be aware of your surroundings.  


You must perform basic safety checks to prevent accidents and ensure safety.  


This includes situational awareness, such as checking your surroundings before backing up and using the turn signal before turning.  


In situations where operators neglect their situational awareness, other employees’ safety is at stake.  


Remember: when you are driving a forklift, no one is aware of your intentions but you. 




One of the worst things you can do when working with a 10-ton machine is fooling around for entertainment.  


Reckless, rowdy habits can lead to dangerous safety violations such as standing while driving or riding on the fork.  


Behaviors such as these are highly dangerous and can lead to grave injuries or even death.  


Treat forklifts with the respect they deserve and put a stop to any horseplay immediately. 


A Safer Workplace Starts with You 


Safety guidelines are in place for a reason.  


If you don’t follow safety guidelines when working with forklifts, then you are leaving yourself and your coworkers vulnerable to accidents.  


Safety starts with a properly functioning machine. If your forklift is unsafe, then your chance of an accident increases significantly. 


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