Why Professional Modifications Help Ensure Longevity in Steel Flatbed Trucks

Why Professional Modifications Help Ensure Longevity in Steel Flatbed Trucks

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As a steel flatbed truck driver, your truck is the most important tool you have. Its functionality and capabilities determine how quickly and efficiently you can do your job.  

Many truck drivers who own their vehicles choose to modify their trucks to make them better fit their needs on the road. This may mean stretching the truck’s frame, reducing its weight, or adding superficial features to improve comfort.  

Professional truck modifications are designed to help improve your carrying capacity, shorten your driving times, make your truck more aerodynamic, and more. But perhaps most important of all, professional modifications improve the longevity of your steel flatbed truck. 

Trucks that have modifications tailor-made to fit their drivers’ needs have longer lifespans than those that do not. There are many modifications designed to improve a truck’s lifespan that truck drivers can choose from, and some that are intended for other purposes that extend lifespan anyway. 

In this post, we will discuss some of those modifications that improve a steel flatbed truck’s lifespan. We will talk about customized upgrades that fit specific needs, upgrades that improve safety, and upgrades that improve performance. Keep reading to discover more! 

What Modifications Improve the Longevity of My Steel Flatbed Truck 

Modifications help make your steel flatbed truck uniquely yours. A few adjustments to your vehicle can make a big difference in your day-to-day life. Let’s look at a few types of modifications that can improve the longevity of your steel flatbed truck. 

Customized Truck Upgrades for Weight Distribution 

Some of the best steel flatbed truck upgrades are those that encourage even wear on your truck’s frame and tires through optimized weight distribution. Let’s look at a few truck upgrades below. 

Axle Improvements for Weight Distribution 

The way your load is distributed across your truck bed makes a big difference when it comes to fuel efficiency and acceleration, however over time it can also have a big effect on your truck’s lifespan. 

Improperly distributed loads make your engine work harder and wear down your truck’s frame. To counteract this, the best modification you can make is adjusting your axles. You can either reconfigure your axles or add additional axles to distribute your load more evenly. 

Optimized axle placement depends on the type of loads you are carrying, be sure to discuss the specifics of your daily routine and the types of loads you carry with your truck fabricator to determine the ideal axle placement for you. 

Storage and Tie-Down Points 

Additional features like storage spaces and tie-down points can help you improve your truck’s lifespan. Moving cargo during transit not only harms your loads, but it can also hurt weight distribution and cause uneven wear on your truck’s components.  

Tie-down points and dedicated storage spaces help counteract these issues, making sure your cargo is secure. Storage spaces are especially helpful for those drivers who haul the same types of loads regularly.  

When your cargo is fixed in place, you can count on more predictable results and a truck that stays on the road longer. 

Improved Safety Features for Steel Flatbed Trucks 

Trucks stay on the road longer when they stay out of accidents. The best way to avoid accidents is by installing customized safety features that you can count on. Let’s look at a few below. 

Upgrade Your Truck’s Braking System 

Your braking system is the most important system on your steel flatbed truck. Semi-trucks and steel flatbed trucks are extremely heavy vehicles, and when you are driving on the highway or even city streets, you will sometimes have to stop on a dime. 

Your braking systems need to be up to the task to prevent accidents. You may consider installing an upgraded or advanced braking system to improve your stopping capabilities. Work with your truck fabricator to determine which braking system may be best for your needs.  

Upgrade Your Lighting Systems 

If you regularly drive at night, then you know how important your lights are. Not only are your headlights essential for a safe driving experience, but brake lights, sidelights, and other superficial lights help make sure your truck is seen by other drivers and that you can see out into the darkness. 

Installing new or improved lighting systems on steel flatbed trucks will help make sure your on-road safety is maximized and that you stay out of unnecessary accidents. 

Upgrades that Improve Truck Efficiency and Performance 

Trucks with better efficiency and performance rates tend to live longer than those with lower ratings. Efficiency means less stress on your engine and other components like tires, axles, and frames. Let’s look at a few upgrades that improve truck efficiency and performance. 

Target Upgrades that Improve Aerodynamics 

As the miles wear on, air resistance takes its toll on your truck. Upgrades that modify the shape of your truck and reduce air drag. There are many upgrades you can make. For example: 

  • Wheel covers that allow the air to flow past your tires 
  • Vented mud flaps 
  • Roof fairings  
  • Cab extenders that direct air away from the gap between the tractor and trailer 
  • Chassis fairings  
  • Drive fenders 
  • Side skirts 

Talk with your truck fabricator to learn more about which of these upgrades may be right for you. 

Consider Weight Reduction Upgrades 

The heavier your truck the lower the lifespan will tend to be. Heavy trucks put heavy wear on engines, wheels, axles, and more. Using lighter and stronger materials will reduce truck wear and tear, leading to fewer repairs and replacements down the line. 

If you are looking to lightweight your truck you may consider a few of the following upgrades. 

  • Downside your sleeper cab 
  • Consider a smaller engine 
  • Consider a horizontal exhaust 
  • Consider reducing the number of batteries 
  • Look for lighter suspensions 
  • Consider a composite fifth-wheel

There are many ways to reduce the weight of your truck. However, not every reduction is right for you. Consider your needs as a driver and the types of loads you haul and work with your fabricator to find a weight reduction option that works for you. 

Steel Flatbed Truck Upgrades with Beamers Piggyback 

Steel flatbed truck upgrades help make your truck last longer and run more efficiently. Even small upgrades can lengthen the lifespan of your truck. 

When considering upgrades, it is important to always take your truck to a trusted fabricator and repair shop, like Beamers Piggyback. Beamers Piggyback is Cincinnati’s trusted steel flatbed truck fabrication shop and we have a team of professionals on hand who are ready to evaluate your needs and make the upgrades you want.  

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