Tips for Keeping Your Truck Fleet Maintained

Tips for Keeping Your Truck Fleet Maintained

June 6, 2022  |  flatbed truck, Tips and Tools
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Flatbed trucks are one of the best machines out there when you want to move a lot of cargo in a short time. However, like any machine, they are susceptible to breakdowns and wear.  


If your fleet is missing a few of its trucks due to breakdown, then your business will suffer. You will not be able to move as much cargo or meet orders as quickly.  


Maintaining flatbed truck health can seem like an overwhelming task, but any team can make it work with a little bit of work.  


Use the tips in this article to help you maintain your flatbed truck fleet. 


How to Maintain Your Flatbed Trucks the Right Way 


Keep detailed records. 


Keeping good records is the best way to keep track of your flatbed truck fleet. It's important to know which maintenance has been done on each unit and when so that you can plan out future maintenance schedules.  


This will help you prioritize which units need work done first, as well as make sure no one forgets about their trucks getting a thorough checkup. 


If you're using a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets, it's easy enough to create tables for different aspects of your fleet: serial numbers; model number; make/model year; hours operated per day (if applicable); current condition rating based on safety inspections. You can also include columns for planned repairs and scheduled maintenance. 


Use a checklist. 


The best way to create a maintenance checklist is by consulting the manufacturer and asking them which parts need regular inspection and how often this should be done.  


If a part needs replacing or repairing after an inspection has been conducted using this checklist then this person will flag that item so that someone can fix it before using the flatbed truck again. 


Another reason why using a checklist is beneficial is because it allows operators to be more accountable for their actions when working on equipment maintenance issues and repairs.  


Have a maintenance schedule. 


You should have a maintenance schedule that is kept on file, so you can refer to it when scheduling your check-ups and repairs.  


A good maintenance schedule will ensure that your flatbed trucks are being used properly and repaired in a timely manner.  


This will allow you to easily track the history of each machine, which makes it easier for you or your employees who may not be familiar with the equipment. 


Replace filters regularly. 


Check the filters before each shift and replace them if they are dirty. Filters should be regularly washed, even if they are not filthy. Clean filters are more effective than those with even a small amount of grime buildup.   


Replace the filter once a month or more often if necessary (depending on how much you drive your trucks). If a filter is damaged, replace it immediately so that you don’t risk damaging other parts of your truck due to contaminants in the air being pulled into its engine through an open vent hole. 


Check for loose connections and fluid leaks. 


Be sure you regularly check for loose connections and fluid leaks. Whether you're a flatbed truck owner or a fleet operator, checking for any loose parts, fasteners or connections is important for your safety and that of others.  


Ensure that all nuts and bolts are tightened properly so that the machine doesn't come apart while in use. Also, look out for any signs of oil leaks from hydraulic hoses or seals.  


If there's a leak, check the fluid level regularly as well as change it when required according to the manufacturer's specifications (generally every six months). 


Ensure that Your Flatbed Trucks have a Longer Lifespan 


All these tips will help ensure your flatbed trucks last longer and function well. A well-maintained truck will perform better and be safer for its operators. 


The more efficiently you use your equipment, the more money you'll save in the long run. So be sure to create a maintenance plan and stick to it.  


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