Modifications for Your Steel Flatbed Truck

Modifications for Your Steel Flatbed Truck

Modifications for Your Steel Flatbed Truck

Every trucker wants to get more out of their steel flatbed truck. With a truck that is customized for your lifestyle and the type of jobs you regularly perform, you can go further, carry more, and make more money per haul.  

Hiring a professional to modify your truck is one of the best ways to get more out of every job. Small changes like specialized tires, upgraded exhaust systems, and an extended frame can make a big difference in your everyday life.  

In this post, we are going to talk about four modifications you can make to your steel flatbed truck. These changes are designed to address your daily needs and enhance your hauling routine. We will discuss tire upgrades, cold air intake, custom exhaust systems, and truck frame extenders. Keep reading to learn more about modifications you can make for your steel flatbed truck.  

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The Top Modifications for Your Steel Flatbed Truck 


There are many different modifications you can make to a steel flatbed truck. Our expert advice? Pursue upgrades that improve safety and cost-effectiveness before you invest in cosmetics or fun upgrades. 

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If you choose the right upgrades, they can even pay for themselves in the long run. Before you make any decisions, be sure to consult with your employer (if you have one) or your state motor vehicle laws to make sure all upgrades are legal for your role.  


Upgraded Tires 


Your tires are the most important part of your truck. The only contact point between you and the road, your tires see a lot of wear every day. Depending on the needs of your truck and your daily routine, there are many different upgrades you can make.  

Whether you just need new tires, are looking for off-road specialty tires, or want something different entirely, your professional truck fabricator can work with you to determine which tires would be best for your steel flatbed truck.  

  • All-terrain tires are suitable for those who regularly take their trucks off-road (to construction sites for example).

  • Load range tires are designed for heavy load capacities and rougher duties. They are perfect for those drivers who regularly carry larger hauls.

  • Winter or snow tires are perfect if you are regularly operating your steel flatbed truck in the winter. Snow tires are often necessary for safety as regular tires are sometimes not capable of maintaining proper traction under the stain of ice and snow.  

Above are just a few examples of upgrades you might consider. There are dozens of different tire options, determine your needs before you pursue an upgrade. In the next section, we will discuss cold air intakes and the difference they can make for your truck.  

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Cold Air Intake 


Upgrading your cold air intake system is a great way to improve and enhance truck performance. Going for a complete cold air intake kit will often include a high-flow air filter, a heat shield, and a specially designed intake tube. These upgrades make it so cooler air can be drawn into the engine during the combustion process.  

High-flow air filters replace the standard filter with a performance-focused air filter that more easily draws airflow into the engine which can improve horsepower and acceleration. Heat shields help prevent the cool air being drawn in from being prematurely heated.  

But there are more advanced upgrades you can make to optimize your cold air intake. Let's explore a few below.  

  1. Ram air intake. The ram intake captures air at high speeds which utilizes your truck's forward momentum. 

  2. Mass airflow sensor. An upgraded MAF sensor optimizes the air-flow mixture to make better performance and better overall engine health. 

  3. Custom tuning. Aftermarket tuners or a custom tuning service can improve your engine's performance while complementing improved airflow.  

Better airflow and cooler air in the engine allow for better performance and a healthier engine with a longer lifespan. In the next section, we will discuss custom exhaust systems and how they can improve your day-to-day truck health and performance.  


Custom Exhaust Systems 


Just like a cold air system can optimize your steel flatbed truck's performance, a custom exhaust system ensures that your truck efficiently gets rid of its waste. A healthy exhaust system will keep your engine healthy and your driver safe.  

There are dozens of upgrades you can make to your exhaust system. Below we have detailed some of the most popular options our customers ask for. 

  • Performance Exhaust Headers. Headers allow for more efficient movement of exhaust flow which allows engines to expel gas more efficiently. This leads to improved horsepower and torque, which can be very important for those drivers who need to regularly drive off-road or on rough terrain.

  • High-Flow Catalytic Converters. High-flow converters reduce exhaust system restriction which improves exhaust gas flow. This leads to better fuel efficiency and better torque.

  • Axel-Back Exhaust System. Axel-back systems focus on the rear section of the exhaust system. A cost-effective option, this upgrade focuses on the system's sound and appearance.  

Upgrading your exhaust system or implementing a custom exhaust system is one of the best things you can do to improve your steel flatbed truck's efficiency and ability to expel waste. In the next section, we will take a look at truck bed extenders and how they can improve your hauling capacity.  

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Truck Bed Extender 


Truck bed extenders do exactly what they sound like, they extend the frame of your steel flatbed truck to allow your vehicle to carry more weight and distribute loads more evenly. A custom frame upgrade is one of the best ways to do more with each haul.  

You can choose to have a permanent frame extender installed or you can opt for extra length that attaches via a hitch or tailgate. You can also look for extended frames that are collapsible or retractable.  

To figure out which option is best for you, calculate how much weight you are carrying regularly and how much you would need to carry to consider a frame extender a significant upgrade. Be sure to ask your truck fabrication professionals for more information about what type of truck bed extender is right for you.  

Custom Flatbed Truck Upgrades from Beamers Piggyback 


Most truck drivers will not need or want all of these upgrades. The customizations you need come down to your daily routine. What kinds of loads are you hauling and how often are you making trips? Determine your needs and what kind of upgrades will pay for themselves over time.  

Look for upgrades that improve performance and safety, and always pursue upgrades from a trusted shop whose work you are familiar with.  

If you are looking for a shop that can upgrade your steel flatbed truck with custom features in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, then Beamers Piggyback is here for you. Our professional team expertly handles upgrades to your flatbed steel truck and can work with you to determine your needs.  

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