Common Commercial Truck A/C Problems and How to Spot Them

Common Commercial Truck A/C Problems and How to Spot Them

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Nothing beats hitting the open road. But when you are hauling sixteen tons down the highway at 55 miles per hour and your A/C goes out on you, that open road can quickly become the highway to hell.  


Every trucker knows that keeping their A/C in working order is high on their priority list. The last thing you want is to face heat stroke while you are putting in a day’s honest labor.  


Luckily, your A/C is unlikely to give out without at least a couple of warning signs.  


Read this post to find out the warning signs of a dying A/C system so you can make repairs before you are left sweating.  


Warning Signs of A/C Trouble in Your Truck 


Freightliner A/C systems are much larger than the temperature control systems found in most vehicles. That means there is more room for wear and breakdown. They use a larger condenser and air compressor to cool the air so a total breakdown can be costly.  


Look for these warning signs to prevent a total system collapse. 


Leaking Refrigerant 


If your refrigerant is leaking, that is a clear sign that something is wrong.  


This is at the top of the list of A/C problems you will see.  


The reason this is such a big issue is that refrigerants can leak from many distinct parts, including the O-rings, hoses, compressors, and evaporators.  


There can be many causes for leaking too, from general malfunctions to individual part failures.  


One thing is sure, if your A/C system is leaking refrigerant, your cab will not be cool much longer. Get it repaired immediately. 


Compression Failure 


Your compressor is made exclusively to pump air. Water, dirt, and oil can seep into the compressor and make it much harder for this part to do its job.  


In the end, if your compressor is chronically overworked, it will shut down completely.  


Since the compressor is responsible for airflow, a broken unit will result in a total standstill.  


The cost to replace a compressor range from $300-$1000 or more. Have your compressor checked regularly to ensure that a compressor breakdown does not happen to you. 


Electrical Failure 


Your A/C relies on electricity to keep running properly. If your battery is weak, you have loose wiring, a blown fuse, or a faulty switch, then your A/C will soon shut down.  


No electricity will mean that your fans stop working too. If that is the case, then your A/C system may produce cool air, but it will not be blown into your cab.  


Luckily, electric issues are typically easy to fix. So, if your electric system does fail, be sure to take it in for repairs immediately. 


What are the Signs of A/C problems? 


There are many different signs that your truck’s A/C system may be having problems. Make sure that you are aware of these problems and take them seriously if they arise.  


Here is what to look out for: 


  • Low air pressure 

  • Blowing stifling air 

  • Leaks and stains 

  • Weird noises 

  • Unpleasant odors 


Do not wait! If you notice any of these signs, take your truck to a repair person immediately. Fix the small issues before they snowball into larger ones. 


Beamer Piggyback Helps Keep Your Truck on Track 


At Beamers Piggyback, we understand that there is no issue too small when it comes to your truck.  


A/C issues can be a major problem, but anything that goes wrong with your truck is a threat to your livelihood.  


If your truck needs an upgrade or repair, do not hesitate. Get in contact with Beamers PB.  


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